About Us

Hi my name is Benny Kara, I am a proud mother of two active little boys and a fashion connoisseur. I had always dreamed of having my own little online boutique that would one day thrive as a physical location. 
I shop for my clothes from Turkey and more often then not people ask where and how they could purchase them. To make this an easier process I decided that I wanted to help them by offering a place they could purchase high quality European fashion at an affordable price and so my little online boutique was born.
My brand name comes from the first letter of both my beautiful boys names, and my vision for this brand is to take place in the fashion world by providing unconditional customer satisfaction with my quality and innovative services.
My goal is to achieve success in fashion by delivering the best quality and the trendiest products in European fashion to Canadian women at affordable prices. Since our carefully selected products for our customers are so limited in number, they will be unique in Canada.
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